Stillwater Supercomputers

Our Software Defined Supercomputer combines the best of Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure with application-tailored custom hardware accelerators to deliver an order of magnitude better performance.
Who is it for?

Our custom solutions and offerings were developed with challenging use cases in mind.

We understand and service the unique requirements of computation-heavy and regulated industries such as finance, business intelligence and genomics.

Our advantage

We tailor our solutions specifically to deliver the competitive advantage commodity CPUs and GPUs are incapable of, due to their power and performance constraints.

the result

Our solutions deliver an order of magnitude better performance while being up to 90% more energy efficient.

Application Developer
developer workstation computer image
Starting from

 The application developer work station is the most optimal, productive desktop form factor for office environments.

This quiet, low-power, unobtrusive solution is equipped with all the necessary features to develop supercomputing applications.

Workgroup Server
Starting from

The workgroup server cluster is the small scale, Composable Disaggregate Infrastructure (CDI), starter kit.

Reliable, power efficient and equipped with all the necessary features, this solution is most suited for software development and quality assurance teams who are looking to scale effortlessly as their operations grow.

custom supercomputer rack image
Custom Quote
on request

Our software defined supercomputers boast a large scale, multiple rack CDI configuration, for production deployments.

This is our most advanced solution for use cases that can not be reliably served by commodity GPUs and CPUs.


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